Icy Orange Blossom

Well Hello Everyone!!! I have been off for the last 3 months…and you know what??? It felt REALLY good. I haven’t done any posts…I haven’t done much research, I survived the holidays…sorta… and now…on this snowy Seattle Day – January 18th…Snowmageddon 2012…I have awakened from my slumber…inspired by snowy white laden streets and trees that will soon melt away and send me back to …. normal.

SO HEY!!! While I feel this inspiration!!! Let’s get right to it!!

I have to say… a break from TQ has been refreshing. Now, that doesn’t mean that I have not been enjoying delicious cocktails as often as possible, but rather…I have enjoyed them without documentation.

Seattle was hit with what seems to be the “annual” storm today and I CERTAINLY was not about to head out onto icy streets…no no. Leave that to the people who really have to be somewhere….hope you all made it safely.

I was inspired over the holidays with a delicious drink created just for me at www.suite410bar.com I had enjoyed a wonderful meal at The Dahlia Lounge, and was really looking for something fresh, not too sweet, and crisp. The bartender, Seth, after hearing my specific request, went to work and made a magical drink with Gin, St-Germain, Fresh Tangerine, Lime and Lemon, with perhaps a few other special secrets.

I was so impressed with this delicious concoction…I mean, the smell of the tangerine peel was intoxicating…(OK..I was already intoxicated…but you know what I mean…it was special…and yes, I was being driven by Cab…)

This drink just lingered in my memory over the rest of the holiday…it was that special. Mixology at it’s very best. So I tried my best to recreate this magical potion…and think I did a pretty good job…I added my own little twist to it…here goes:

Icy Orange Blossom

  • 2-3 Shots – Bombay Saphire Gin
  • 1 1/2 Shots – St-Germain Liquor (Elderflower Liquor – yummy)
  • Juice of 1 Fresh Juicy Orange
  • Juice of 1 Fresh Meyer Lemon
  • Juice of 1 Fresh Juicy Lime
  • Splash of X Rated Liquor
  • LONG Orange Rind for Garnish

Add all ingredients to your cocktail shaker with crushed ice. As always, chill your glasses and the cocktail mixture in the freezer for a bit.

Pour and garnish with the fragrant orange peel….It is intoxicating…no pun intended!!! There is something magical about this concoction. The St-Germain Liquor has an amazing history…http://www.stgermain.fr/story.php check it out….there is a reason it is so delicious and special.

To Make It Virgin: Use Elderflower Syrup (found at IKEA) and only fresh fruit juice, no alcohol.

To Make It Special: Any Day Filled With Snow in Seattle….is Special…Enjoy. The Crazy Long Orange Rind… Fills the Air with Intoxicating Fragrance and, in my opinion, makes the drink. (Tangerine is what Seth at Suite 410 used..thx Seth!!!).

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Mango Melon-Tini

While summer 2011 seems to be winding down…I am NOT giving in to fall like activity…just yet. I love fresh fruity drinks, as you may know if you have seen previous posts. I’m particularly fond of this recipe. The main ingredient – Yellow Watermelon, was a surprise when I cut it open. I go to my local produce market all the time and just marvel at the fresh beautiful fruit and veggies. Sometimes, I just buy things because they call out to me (no, I’m not the crazy woman who hears messages from random fruit and vegetables…sounds like a Twilight Zone episode) rather, I listen to what seems “fresh”…and go with it. So, there was this huge bin filled with seedless watermelon…I didn’t see the “yellow” on the sign. Not that the color matters…but it was so much fun getting it home, getting the big knife and cutting it open…and seeing “yellow” when my mind was programmed for “pink”. It tastes the same as pink watermelon…maybe even sweeter… So I became inspired to mix a summery drink to quench the deepest thirst. Here’s how I made it…

  • Watermelon (Red or Yellow) Cut into chunks – JUICED to yield 2 or 3 cups
  • Mango Vodka – I used Three Olives Brand (delicious)
  • Fresh Lime Juice – depending on how juicy – 1 or 2 limes
  • Fresh Mint – Run it through the juicer with some of the melon..and for garnish
  • Honey – to rim glasses
  • Lime….segments…this is for garnish more below
  • Lime Wheel – for garnish

In a cocktail shaker – add the vodka, melon juice  and lime juice with crushed ice. Shake really well until icy cold. Pour into chilled martini glasses that you have dipped in honey and garnished with the “pulp”  or “segments” of the lime. The segments stick really well to the honey rimmed glass. This is a tedious thing to do….but when you taste the bite of the tart lime on each sip against the sweet of the honey, melon and mango vodka…it really makes the drink.

Grab some summer today. I’m hopeful that the gorgeous weather as of late will continue into the fall. Enjoy Everyone!!

To Make It Virgin: Add Mango Juice instead of the Mango Vodka.

To Make It Special: The lime segment garnish around the rim with the honey…and a lime wheel and fresh mint. LOVELY!!

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Cherry Berry Cream

Cherries, Blueberries, Strawberries…YUM!!! We have all of them in the height of the season right now, so what better way to take advantage of this gorgeous summer bounty than in a dreamy, creamy, slushy refreshing cocktail. Let’s get right to it…

In Your Blender:

  • Crushed Ice – about a cup
  • Handful each- Fresh Strawberries, Blueberries and Cherries (I used Rainier Cherries  – PITTED, of course)
  • 1 Cup Whipped Cream Vodka –  I used Pinnacle Brand (whipped cream vodka?? that is just genius whoever thought that one up!! Thank you!)
  • Fresh Lime Juice – one whole lime
  • Big Splash of Whipping Cream
  • Vanilla Sugar – about 2 tablespoons – see recipe below *

*Vanilla Sugar: One vanilla bean and about a cup of sugar. Run though your food processor until super fine. The vanilla bean will look like little brown specs and will add a floral scent and flavor to the sugar.

Add the crushed ice to your blender. Cut the strawberries in half and pit your Cherries. Add all the fruit. Pour the vodka over the top and sprinkle in the vanilla sugar. Squeeze the lime and add the splash of cream. Again…no real exact measurements here…it’s really up to you and your “taste”.

Now it’s time to whip it all up!!! Blend Away…

The most important step to take when making this drink – STRAIN OUT THE SEEDS. Now, I like the earthy texture that fruit seeds add to a morning smoothy…it’s not a bad thing…but for this drink, I feel it’s best to strain out those seeds to make sure the drink is silky smooth. It really makes it more luxurious.

Once strained, place the mixture in the freezer to get really cold. Stir occasionally. As always, chill your glasses. Right before serving, give the mixture a quick whirl in your blender once again.

This drink is delicious and refreshing on a hot summer day,  or as a cool dessert after a nice summer meal. Enjoy the bounty of the season!!!

To Make It Virgin: Make a Vanilla Simple Syrup in place of the Vodka

To Make It Special: Garnish with a few fresh Strawberries and Blueberries dipped in vanilla sugar. OR, rim your glasses with vanilla sugar to make them glisten. OR , Top with a spoonful of fresh sweet whipped cream to make it more like a dessert.

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Peachy Bourbon Tea

Summertime…and the Sippin’s Easy…Break out the Bourbon and Some Sweet Peach Tea…

I’m not normally a Bourbon drinker, but I’ve been experimenting with different recipes to showcase Bourbon in a fresh, summery way. This sweet peach tea recipe is one that is light, fruity, sweet, strong, with hints of mint. The key to this drink is the Simple Syrup and the finely crushed ice.  It’s a delightful concoction for a lazy, slow sippin’ kind of summer day. Here’s how I made it:

First – Simple Syrup – Equal parts water and sugar heated on the stove – add fresh mint and a split vanilla bean to infuse flavor.

The Drink:

  • Finely Crushed Ice – This should be really fine…almost slushy if you can.
  • Icy Cold Bourbon – from the freezer – A BIG splash, Whatever brand you desire.
  • Peach Tea – Herbal Peach Tea – Whatever Brand You like – Brew extra strong
  • Splash of Simple Syrup
  • Fresh Mint and Peach Slices

In a large bucket glass – fill with the finely crushed ice. Add a few chunks of sweet fresh peach and fresh mint. Muddle this in with the ice to release the flavors. Add the bourbon and swirl around a bit. Add a big splash of the peach tea – cooled. Add some of the simple syrup- cooled…to taste. If you like a sweeter drink, add more. No exact measurements required, as usual with most of my recipes.

Stir this well to incorporate the flavors. It is a lovely summer cocktail that is refreshing, easy to make and a little different. Think of preparing this like you would a Mint Julep….same concept..only with peaches, mint and the smooth hint of vanilla.

As the ice melts and the flavors all blend together…makes for a nice slow sip. Experiment with different herbal teas – Cherry with Vodka and Fresh Cherries and Mint, Blueberry with Vodka and Limoncello with fresh lemons, Apple Tea with Ginger, Cinnamon and Bourbon….Let your imagination and flavor palette take you on a journey.

To Make it Virgin: Eliminate the Bourbon – This is a delicious, refreshing summer drink.

To Make it Special: Make a point to take time to slow down and enjoy this summery sip with the people you love to be with.

Enjoy and Cheers!! Happy Summer!!

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Fruity Ginger Granita

Happy Solstice 2011!!! Can you believe it?? The longest day of the year is upon us, and OH…did we earn it this year. This is a special day that marks the true beginning of summer. For all of us in Seattle…to have the sun be shining so brightly ON solstice….a gift and an absolute treat!!

As a Mixologist, there are only a few rules I follow:

  • All Drink Ingredients Must Be SUPER Cold
  • All Glassware Must Be Chilled in either the fridge or freezer to ensure the drink stays icy cold
  • Play with the freshest ingredients to come up with winning combinations every time.
  • Always garnish…with SOMETHING. No naked drinks…they look so lonely.

I love the tart crisp flavor of Pomegranate juice in cocktails. It really brightens a drink. I like to mix it with other ingredients to create a palette of flavors that jump around the tongue and excite the senses…especially before a meal. This delightful creation is spicy, sweet, tart and opens up the taste buds. On a warm summer day like today, it will start off my dinner on fresh icy cold fruity note.

Fruity Ginger Granita

  • In a flat glass casserole dish or other vessel that is shallow to fit in your freezer:
  • 1 Cup Skyy Ginger Infused Vodka
  • 1 Cup Pomegranate Kiwi Juice
  • 1 Cup Lemonade (I used Simply Lemonade Brand)
  • Juice of one lime
  • Zest of lime – about half the lime
  • Fresh Grated Ginger – just a bit – a few scrapes on your grater or rasp
  • 5 or 6 Fresh Mint Leaves (crush them up a bit)

Stir the mixture well with a wisk and place carefully on a flat spot in your freezer. Let this mixture chill for about half an hour in the freezer. Remove the mint leaves at this point, they will have done their job of infusion. Stir the mixture with a fork about every half hour or so. The key here, is to make sure that when the ice crystals form, they are soft…like a snow cone. This is a process, but worth the time.

The finished mixture will be light and fluffy and will pile up nicely in a martini glass.

This recipe is one of many flavor combinations…dream up your favorite flavors….a few ideas – Chilled Coffee with Kahlua and Chocolate Vodka, Orange Juice with Vanilla Vodka (scrape a vanilla bean in the mixture)…You get the idea. Make a few batches ahead and just “flake” them before serving to lighten up the crystals of ice. Although I’m serving my Granita as a Cocktail…they make an equally delightful dessert or palette cleanser between courses.

I hope you enjoy this recipe idea as much as I enjoyed creating it. Have fun this summer. Dream up your own special flavors and entertain!!


To Make It Virgin: Make a Ginger Simple Syrup (equal parts sugar, water and fresh ginger – use instead of the Ginger Vodka) Yummy, Clean and Fresh!

To Make It Special: All Summer Days are Special…Garnish with Fresh Mint and Soak in the Sun!!

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Pineapple-Pepper Potion

Lately, I’ve been experimenting by mixing up sweet and savory concoctions. The combinations seem endless as I wander through the produce section at Saar’s Market Place by my house. They have a beautiful selection of chiles and tropical Fruits…Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, all reasonably priced.  And the citrus section is abundant with limes, lemons and grapefruit. It has been my local “go to” place for produce for many years. They don’t have a website, but you can find them at 3208 NE Sunset Blvd in Renton.

Today, I focused on the fresh Pineapple, Limes and Jalapeno Peppers stacked up high. That is the inspiration behind this feisty summer cocktail. Add some rum, mint and a few other creative twists….and behold a delightful drink that will cleanse your palette and warm the back of your throat.

Pineapple-Pepper Potion

In a Cocktail Shaker:

  • Crushed Ice
  • 3 or 4 Fresh Mint Leaves
  • 3 or 4 Fresh Pineapple Sage Leaves *
  • 3 or 4 Chunks of Mango Rum Marinated Pineapple and Splash of the Juice ** (see below)
  • 1/2 of a Fresh Jalapeno Pepper – Cut into Pieces
  • 1-2 Shots Dark Rum
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Juice of Half a Lime
  • Cayenne Pepper, Fresh Nutmeg and Sugar for Rim of Glass *** (see below)

Add the crushed ice, Mint, Pineapple Sage, Marinated Pineapple Chunks and Juice and Jalapeno chunks to the bottom of your shaker. Use a Muddler or Wooden Spoon to crush and release the oils. (Method like that of making a Mojito). Once crushed, add your rum and fill the shaker almost to the top with Pineapple Juice and squeeze in the lime juice…add a little more crushed ice on top, cover and shake really well. Place this concoction in the freezer while you prepare your glasses.

*** In a small bowl – add some sugar, cayenne pepper and a few grates of nutmeg. Dip your glasses in the Mango Rum Marinated Pineapple liquid and then dip into the sugar mixture.

** Mango Rum Marinated Pineapple – Cut a fresh pineapple into chunks. Add some freshly chopped mint and cover with Mango Flavored Rum (I used 3 kinds of rum for the marinade…Coconut, Mango and Dark…be creative here) The pineapple will break down in the rum in your fridge. Do this a few days ahead if you can. As the pineapple breaks down, the liquid will seep out and create this delicious juice that is perfect for this drink…sweet and a bit syrupy) This also makes for a delicious dessert spooned over ice cream….YUM.

* Pineapple Sage can be found at most local nurseries. The leaves smell of pineapple and there are many uses, culinary and medicinal as well as topical for this lovely plant. When mature, they yield gorgeous vibrant red flowers that hummingbirds can’t resist…the main reason I planted this.

To Make It Virgin: Eliminate the Rums….a delightful spirited virgin drink.

To Make It Special: Garnish with a few chunks of the marinated pineapple and fresh lime wedge.

Summer is here…the local farmer’s markets are buzzing with fresh fruits and produce. Visit them and get inspired!!! Plant some fresh herbs in your yard, on your porch or deck. Like most of my recipes…I don’t follow exact measurements or use specific ingredients. I create as I go. Enjoy the bounty of summer!!!


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Citrus Champagne Cocktail

Each year in the month of May, my husband and I travel south to Florence, Oregon for a long weekend to visit with my Mom. She and her husband make their bi-annual migration from Arizona to their summer home on the Siuslaw River just outside Florence. It’s an absolutely gorgeous, peaceful place. I guess I can call it my “grown up” childhood home.  There is something so special about spending time with my family on this particular weekend. Mother’s Day, my birthday and my husband’s birthday are all lumped together the second week of May. My sister and her husband venture down from Pacific City, Oregon as well. For me, it is symbolic that Spring is officially here. We cook, we laugh, we love….there might even be some dancing around the living room…and of course…there is always a special cocktail or two.

This year was a milestone birthday for me….so I said, Let’s break out the bubbly…

This version of the classic Champagne Cocktail is one I created for a refreshing night cap after a nice dinner. We wanted something clean, light and fresh to follow our lovely dinner out. Plus, we didn’t want to feel weighed down with a heavy after dinner drink….that would have interfered with our dancing!!!

Citrus Champagne Cocktail

  • 1 Bottle Champagne, or Sparkling Wine (doesn’t have to be expensive..a nice middle of the road priced brand you like will work nicely here) – ICY COLD
  • 1/4 -1/3 Cup (est) – Lemon Vodka – I used Absolute Citron – ICY COLD – I pulled it from the freezer
  • 1 Fresh Grapefruit – COLD
  • 1 Fresh Orange – COLD
  • 1 Fresh Lemon – COLD
  • 1 Green Apple – COLD
  • Fresh Strawberries – COLD (OK..stop. We get it..)
  • Dash of Bitters
  • Sugar for Rim of Glasses

Pour the lemon vodka into a small glass or measuring cup and mix with a large squeeze of Grapefruit,  and orange juice.

Pull the glasses from the freezer and rim with orange, lime or grapefruit and dip in sugar. While they are still icy cold, pour a little of the vodka mixture into each glass. Top off with the champagne. Add one dash of bitters to each glass,  and garnish with a slice of green apple, orange zest, a fresh strawberry (cut into a fan shape) and serve.

The vodka creates a warmth in this drink. You don’t really know it’s there….just a little extra “something”. The tartness of the grapefruit and the bitters in contrast to the sweet strawberry and apple. The crunchy sweet sugar on the rim is a perfect contrast to the citrus bite.  This is a lovely way to celebrate the end of a nice evening.

For all of you who have special occasions coming up…give this a try. It’s light, crisp, festive and will keep the party going.

To Make It Virgin: Substitute by pouring a Non- Alcoholic Sparkling Cider (one that is dry) and Eliminate the Lemon Vodka.

To Make It Special: The garnish on this drink is beautiful and also a delicious little treat…

I hope to add more memories to the ones I already have spending time with my Mom at her peaceful home on the Siuslaw… I cherish the family times we all share there and can’t wait to go back.

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Oyster Wine 2011 – And The Winners Are….

It was such a pleasure covering the Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition  2011!! The journey started in Seattle at Anthony’s on Shilshole early April. 119  entries were narrowed down over four days to select the 20 semi-finalists. From there, the wines went on tour to Los Angeles and San Francisco. There were 14 judges at the finals back at Anthony’s in Seattle last Thursday, April 28th, all seasoned professionals. Their job: to pick the top 10 wines to pair with Kumamoto oysters out of the 20 semi-finalists. The key to judging – it’s more about the oyster. The wine should be crisp, typically dry with a clean finish.

The winners were announced this morning via press release,  and I couldn’t wait to see who they are!!

Out of the 20 semi-finalists, the judges scores from all three cities selected 4 crisp Sauvignon Blancs, 4 lively refreshing Pinot Gris, and 2 oyster friendly blends as equal winners of the month long Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition, and proud recipients of the prestigious 2011 “Oyster Award”.

Jon Rowley,  started off the final judging day covering the rules with the judges and also introduced the “Master Shucker” of the 70 dozen oysters for this event…no small job!!! They had to be just right…and they were. Anthony’s did such a wonderful job hosting this event. Everything was great!!!

Three of the judges, from left to right…Bill Taylor, President of Taylor Shellfish Farms, the Sponsor of this wonderful event. Chris Nishiwaki, Food and Wine Writer, and Tom Arthur, Senior Manager of Elliott’s Oyster House.

The judges settled in awaiting for the first flight to be served…

Let the judging begin…

After tasting, the judges all convened downstairs in the bar at Anthony’s to compare notes with Jon while enjoying some appetizers and ale. It was so great talking with all of them and hearing their thoughts on each wine. What was so clear about this event, it is so subjective…everyone has a unique palette. They were in agreement on a few of the winners. When that happens, you know it is a special wine.

To learn more about this event go to Jon’s site – www.oysterwine.com


Photo above by Jon Rowley

Some of the winners have won multiple years…others are new to the event. All of them, will enjoy increased sales and recognition.

Once again, a very special Thank You to Taylor Shellfish Farms, the proud sponsor of this event. And to Anthony’s at Shilshole, Water Grill in Los Angeles, and Sutro’s at the Cliff House in San Francisco for hosting.

I can’t wait to go find these delightful wines to enjoy with my next plate of oysters. I learned so much from covering this event….Thank You Jon!!!

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Spring Break Shake

I think it’s safe to say…we are SO ready for Spring. April 2011 has been the coldest on record for Seattle. The last two days have really lifted my mood. The sun has been shining, the bulbs and other perennials have been popping up. The Tulips are FINALLY starting to bloom.  All of this has inspired me.  Since it is Spring Break for many this week, I thought…how about something tropical?

This Spring Break Shake is creamy, tropical and really delicious. I made this in two batches to get the swirly look…

In a blender, Batch One:

  • 1 Cup (approx) Mango Sorbet
  • Splash of Heavy Cream
  • 1-2 Shots of Mango Flavored Rum (I used Cruzan Brand)
  • Juice of Half a Lime

Blend until creamy smooth and pour into a small pitcher or other pourable vessel – place in your freezer

Batch Two:

  • 1 Cup (approx) Coconut Sorbet
  • 1 -2 Shots Coconut Rum (Again, I used Cruzan Brand)
  • Splash of Heavy Cream
  • Juice of Other Half of Lime

Blend this until creamy smooth and get your glasses!! Alternate pouring the Mango Mixture and Coconut Mixture so you get a swirled look in your glass.

This drink is wonderful for a quick decadent dessert, or for a relaxing afternoon.

To Make it Special: Garnish with Fresh Mango or any Citrus Wheel

To Make it Virgin: Use a little more cream or milk instead of the rum

Use whatever Tropical Rum flavors you like. I’m fond of the Coconut and Mango combo…but you could do Pineapple and Coconut, Lime, Lemon, Passion Fruit…there are many on the market today. Experiment and try them out. Really festive!!

Spring has Sprung!!! Get outside and enjoy your yard, the park, the SUN!!! It won’t be long until Summer is here to stay. I can’t wait!!

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Oyster Wine 2011 – Preliminary Judging

The sky was Oyster Grey as I pulled up to Anthony’s on Shilshole to cover the preliminary judging on day one of Oyster Wine 2011. The perfect shade for tasting wine and oysters. The view from the Cascade Room, stellar, with floor to ceiling windows allowing us to drink in the splendor of Puget Sound. The judges started to file in, one by one. They made their way to their seats and Jon Rowley started things off by welcoming all of us, and covering “The Rules”. I felt his true appreciation of the oysters and the beautiful wines to pair with them. One of his main points to the Judges for consideration while tasting – “It’s all about the next oyster”.

The Lucky Judges are selected by Jon each year, and what an honor to be asked,  Tom Arthur, General Manager of Elliott’s Oyster HouseLane Hoss, Vice President of Marketing for Anthony’s Restaurants, Chuck Hill, a Seasoned Wine Reviewer and Published Author, Chris Nishiwaki, Food and Wine Writer with Contributions to Seattle Met and Wino Magazine and Gerry Warren, who truly has so many credentials..I can’t list them all here, Past President for Enological Society of the Pacific NW, Founder and now Regional Governor of Seattle Slow Food Chapter and Judge for Wine Competitions in the NW and California.  All accomplished and qualified to be Judges at this event!!

Photo by Jon Rowley

Once the judges settled in, the servers arrived to pour the first flight. A plate of icy cold oysters is placed on each table. As I watch them…I see their contentment grow. They seem to smile and gaze out at the beautiful view, all while tasting some of the best the Northwest has to offer. It is not as easy as you might think “Judging” wines that pair well with oysters. The “Bliss Factor” is what they look for. With so many beautiful wines here in the Northwest, narrowing down 10 for the final winners out of approximately 125 entries??? Really tough with so many wonderful wines this year.

I was graciously served my own icy plate of Oysters and was so fortunate to taste these fresh delights with 5…OK, in the end 10 or so Wines. Jon kept adding more glasses on my table…I certainly wasn’t going to turn them down!! As I tasted, I got a good feel for what Jon was talking about…it really is all about the next oyster. This is no easy task, but certainly a delicious one.

Each wine had it’s own subtle complexity. It was clear listening to the judges after they were through with their assignment – Each one of them had their own distinct opinion of certain wines. Since this was a blind taste test, with each wine being assigned a “letter”… the objective each day of tasting was to select the top wines of the day, and eventually, narrow it down to 20 wines for the “Final Judging”. 3 of the wines earned a “5 out of 5″…meaning, all 5 Judges agreed they were winners. Not something that happens often in this competition, so you know it is a special wine when that happens.

The 20 Finalists were selected yesterday – 4/6. Jon told me that the Finalists were just delighted to have been chosen. Now, on to San Francisco and Los Angeles for further evaluation. On April 28th, the Final Judging take will take place and on the 29th the scores from all three cities combined will determine the winners. The 10 highest scoring wines are equal winners of the competition and receive the “Oyster Award”.

I’m so thankful to have been invited to participate and cover this beautiful Northwest Competition. I learned so much from tasting and especially from listening to Jon and the Judges. Really an experience I will cherish.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO TAYLOR SHELLFISH FARMS – THE SPONSOR OF THIS EVENT…it is the Taylor oysters that make this competition special.

Good Luck to all the Finalists!!! Winners will be announced on May 1st!


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