Cucumber Bombay Fizz


Well…here we are…end of January 2011, and I realize how long it has been since I really created a special drink to share on ThirstQuest. Post holidays…January is just a “challenging” month. You can disagree with me…fresh new start, new resolutions…blah blah.. Bottom line: We dig deep in January to get us through to spring. I have been in a work mode. Seems like January came and went, and I survived!!! YAY!! So, today as I was enjoying a leisurely stroll through my favorite local market in Renton, Top of the Hill Market. I was inspired by some beautiful citrus fruits. Meyer Lemons to be specific. In Winter we are so lucky to enjoy the abundance of citrus from California. The Meyer Lemon is my absolute favorite. It is sweet like an orange, yet tangy like a lemon. Their season is short…so grab some while you can. I also am a huge fan of Dry Soda, our local Seattle Soda Company. They produce some yummy flavors that are perfect for crisp winter cocktails. They are 45 Calories per bottle and have a lower sugar content than most sodas. This is January people…I’m still working off the holiday treats… My favorite flavors are Cucumber, Vanilla and Lavender. I chose Cucumber to pair with the clean, crisp dry flavor of Bombay Sapphire Gin. Now, I normally don’t consider myself a gin drinker…but I have to say….this little number is so good, I may convert!! This is an easy, quick cocktail that will make your guests feel special. It is different, light, and feels like spring. Here’s how I made it…

In a Tub Glass –

  • Fill with Crushed Ice
  • 1 1/2 Shots Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Big Squeeze of Fresh Meyer Lemon Juice
  • Grated Cucumber – On a rasp – or box grater – to enhance the Dry Soda flavor
  • Top off with Cucumber Dry Soda

That’s it people…nothing super fancy…but man is it tasty!!! The Meyer Lemon juice so sweet and tangy. The cucumber, so fresh and crisp. The gin….it’s a winner.

To Make it Special: Garnish with a Meyer Lemon Wedge, a Cucumber Wheel and a blueberry. The blueberry…really is a nice little pop of flavor with this drink.

To Make It Virgin: Eliminate the Gin and Serve the Soda and Garnish

I’m happy to be back in the mixology mode!!! I have lot’s of new ideas to share and places to tell you about. 2011…is looking good so far…let’s keep that rollin’!

Cheers Everyone!!!

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