Perfect Pair – Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays I love to mix beautiful, sensuous drinks to share with my Love. I’m splurging with this pair of decadent Raspberry Chocolate Truffles. Chocolate is a MUST on Valentine’s Day…and Raspberry is a perfect paring. I created these two drinks to sip and share after a romantic candlelight dinner at home. They really are a dessert all on there own.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

In a Cocktail Shaker:

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

These two drinks are easy, delicious, decadent and beautiful. Make them ahead and let them get icy cold and creamy in the freezer. Serve them in Martini Glasses with a few of your favorite chocolates on the side….They will really shake things up!! Lovely drinks.

To Make Them Virgin: Use Chocolate Syrup and Raspberry Syrup instead of the vodka and liquor. Use Soft Melty Vanilla Ice Cream in place of the White Chocolate Liquor.

To Make Them Special: grate or shave dark chocolate over the “chocolate” truffle…Use Raspberry Liquor and create a heart design on top of the “white chocolate” truffle. Use an eye dropper to do this….SO pretty.

Spend Valentine’s Day with the people you love. Enjoy Everyone!!

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