Rum Yummy #2 (Seafair Special)

This is the second, of MANY Rum Yummy drinks that I will share with you.  I created this on a very warm Seattle Day…the sun came out early and heated things up in the morning. As I my day progressed with weekend chores…I thought…hmmm…this if feelin’ like a Rum Yummy kind of day. Thus the creation of this delightful, refreshing, gotta have one, cocktail. I’m a huge Seafair Fan…I never miss a day out on the water on my boat enjoying the amazing and always breathtaking Blue Angles..Enjoy my ThirstQuest peeps…Seafair is JUST around the corner…this would be a perfect Seafair Festive Beverage…The Seafair Pirates…I’m SURE would approve…AARGGH…It packs a…PUNCH…(please, as always…drink responsibly)

Rum Yummy #2 (Seafair Special)
In a Hurricane Glass:

  • Fill ¼ with crushed ice
  • ½ shot Light Rum
  • ½ shot Coconut Rum
  • ½ shot Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum (or any spiced brand you like)splash of Meyer’s Dark Rum – for “floater”
  • 2 shots Pineapple Juice
  • 2 shots OJ
  • squeeze of fresh lime juice
  • splash of maraschino cherry juice – it will drop to the bottom because of it’s viscosity…(follow my directions)

Fill your Hurricane Glass, or any festive tall glass with the ice, Light Rum, Coconut Rum, Spiced Rum, OJ, Pineapple Juice and squeeze of lime – Stir to mix.

Then – Add the Maraschino Cherry Juice – it will trickle down to the bottom of the glass to create a “layered” look. Then gently pour the dark rum over the top of the drink…it will float to add another layer. BEAUTIFUL!!!

To Make it Virgin
I try to always be respectful for those of you who do not drink alcohol. This drink is hard to replicate as a non-alcoholic drink, as the main ingredients are various rums. However, you can create the same effect by using fresh, fruity juices…it will be a refreshing drink!

To Make It Special –
Garnish your glass with a stick of Sugarcane and Lime Wheel. (if you cannot find sugarcane…although it is readily available…use a stick of fresh Pineapple.)

Remember…there are no rules to any of my drinks…make them your own…be a Pirate Rockstar Mixologist!!!

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