Peachy Bourbon Tea

Summertime…and the Sippin’s Easy…Break out the Bourbon and Some Sweet Peach Tea…

I’m not normally a Bourbon drinker, but I’ve been experimenting with different recipes to showcase Bourbon in a fresh, summery way. This sweet peach tea recipe is one that is light, fruity, sweet, strong, with hints of mint. The key to this drink is the Simple Syrup and the finely crushed ice. ¬†It’s a delightful concoction for a lazy, slow sippin’ kind of summer day. Here’s how I made it:

First – Simple Syrup – Equal parts water and sugar heated on the stove – add fresh mint and a split vanilla bean to infuse flavor.

The Drink:

  • Finely Crushed Ice – This should be really fine…almost slushy if you can.
  • Icy Cold Bourbon – from the freezer – A BIG splash, Whatever brand you desire.
  • Peach Tea – Herbal Peach Tea – Whatever Brand You like – Brew extra strong
  • Splash of Simple Syrup
  • Fresh Mint and Peach Slices

In a large bucket glass – fill with the finely crushed ice. Add a few chunks of sweet fresh peach and fresh mint. Muddle this in with the ice to release the flavors. Add the bourbon and swirl around a bit. Add a big splash of the peach tea – cooled. Add some of the simple syrup- cooled…to taste. If you like a sweeter drink, add more. No exact measurements required, as usual with most of my recipes.

Stir this well to incorporate the flavors. It is a lovely summer cocktail that is refreshing, easy to make and a little different. Think of preparing this like you would a Mint Julep….same concept..only with peaches, mint and the smooth hint of vanilla.

As the ice melts and the flavors all blend together…makes for a nice slow sip. Experiment with different herbal teas – Cherry with Vodka and Fresh Cherries and Mint, Blueberry with Vodka and Limoncello with fresh lemons, Apple Tea with Ginger, Cinnamon and Bourbon….Let your imagination and flavor palette take you on a journey.

To Make it Virgin: Eliminate the Bourbon РThis is a delicious, refreshing summer drink.

To Make it Special: Make a point to take time to slow down and enjoy this summery sip with the people you love to be with.

Enjoy and Cheers!! Happy Summer!!

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