Mango Melon-Tini

While summer 2011 seems to be winding down…I am NOT giving in to fall like activity…just yet. I love fresh fruity drinks, as you may know if you have seen previous posts. I’m particularly fond of this recipe. The main ingredient – Yellow Watermelon, was a surprise when I cut it open. I go to my local produce market all the time and just marvel at the fresh beautiful fruit and veggies. Sometimes, I just buy things because they call out to me (no, I’m not the crazy woman who hears messages from random fruit and vegetables…sounds like a Twilight Zone episode) rather, I listen to what seems “fresh”…and go with it. So, there was this huge bin filled with seedless watermelon…I didn’t see the “yellow” on the sign. Not that the color matters…but it was so much fun getting it home, getting the big knife and cutting it open…and seeing “yellow” when my mind was programmed for “pink”. It tastes the same as pink watermelon…maybe even sweeter… So I became inspired to mix a summery drink to quench the deepest thirst. Here’s how I made it…

  • Watermelon (Red or Yellow) Cut into chunks – JUICED to yield 2 or 3 cups
  • Mango Vodka – I used Three Olives Brand (delicious)
  • Fresh Lime Juice – depending on how juicy – 1 or 2 limes
  • Fresh Mint – Run it through the juicer with some of the melon..and for garnish
  • Honey – to rim glasses
  • Lime….segments…this is for garnish more below
  • Lime Wheel – for garnish

In a cocktail shaker – add the vodka, melon juice  and lime juice with crushed ice. Shake really well until icy cold. Pour into chilled martini glasses that you have dipped in honey and garnished with the “pulp”  or “segments” of the lime. The segments stick really well to the honey rimmed glass. This is a tedious thing to do….but when you taste the bite of the tart lime on each sip against the sweet of the honey, melon and mango vodka…it really makes the drink.

Grab some summer today. I’m hopeful that the gorgeous weather as of late will continue into the fall. Enjoy Everyone!!

To Make It Virgin: Add Mango Juice instead of the Mango Vodka.

To Make It Special: The lime segment garnish around the rim with the honey…and a lime wheel and fresh mint. LOVELY!!

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