I have always enjoyed entertaining and creating new drinks to treat my family and friends. Over the years, I have created quite a reputation for having fun theme parties at my home…and the cocktails seem to be the hit of the party!! I always try to make it “Special”. When my friends come over, I want them to know I care…that I took some extra time just for them. These special tricks don’t take a lot of time…but mean the world to people on the receiving end.

I’m a Photographer, Artist, Mixologist and Entertainer. I’ve been in the business world for the last 17 years…and thought to myself…What’s my passion? What do I love to do?…the answer combines my love of entertaining, mixing up great cocktails, taking pictures of them to show you what they can look like so you can re-create them at home,  and exploring fun establishments in Seattle and surrounding areas.

ThirstQuest was born from this passion…I hope to share this with you, and inspire you to find your passion with entertaining, exploration of new places and mixology.

I welcome your comments and can’t wait to hear from you!!

Onward with my ThirstQuest!!!

Cristie Champlin (aka – CristieCocktail)

5 Responses to About

  1. Cyndy Gluck says:

    You go girl! You ever need a license mixologist…. I’m your gal. I love your drinks!

  2. thanks for this awesome Blog post. Nice subject to talk about on my site. I might set a bookmark to your page.

    • CristieCocktail says:

      Thanks Mike!! I have been working on 4 new recipes soon to be published!!! Stay tuned and stay thirsty!!!

  3. Michele says:

    Wonderful absoluely wonderful~ not only are your drinks refreshing but just looking at the photos of the drinks.. I’m refreshed~

    • CristieCocktail says:

      Thank You Michele!!! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog!! That is my true quest…to inspire others to create refreshing, delicious drinks at home!! Cheers!!

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