Sippin’ Around the Sound

I’m so excited to start this journey around my hometown, and beyond. Seattle is FAMOUS for fresh seafood, wonderful eating and drinking establishments…we all know many of them. So, I thought…what about those small places that never get publicity? The places you happen upon and then return to often because of that great first experience.

I hope to discover some of these little unknown gems, so you can share with your friends and family. This is a big part of my ThirstQuest. I have lived in the Seattle area for 21 years…and I know, that with exploration…I will find these places.

I WELCOME YOUR feedback…share with me your favorite establishments…I want to hear from you and feature them on my blog!!  This is an interactive site…let me know, and I’ll personally check it out with you, and feature it in this section. THAT’S gonna be fun…

I can think of nothing more fun than Sippin’ Around The Sound…

Stay Tuned Seattleites…I’m on my quest…Names, Addresses and “Specialties of the House”…will be featured. You will be able to enjoy them soon.

Cheers…and Onward with my ThirstQuest!!!

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