Tools & Ingredients

More to follow in this section…I will be sharing my favorite places to shop and stock up on inexpensive glassware, gadgets and fun festive partyware.

Ingredients: I am always in search of fresh, local and unique ingredients to jazz up any cocktail and make it special. I’ll be posting all of this information on a regular basis as my quest continues!

I’ll give you different locations around The Sound to locate these things you need close to where YOU live.

Tools, Barware & Must Haves:

Martini Glasses – LOTS…I have over 30 and counting…they add personality to any drink you create. Mix and match them…they are happy.

Beer Pint Glasses – I keep these lined up on my freezer door for pop in guests to enjoy an icy cold Seattle Brew.

Chimney Glasses – These are tall and thin..and very Retro. I love to serve pretty colorful drinks (such as my Vodka Pom Fizz) They just look nice.

Hurricane Glasses – These are a must have for “Tropical Drinks” such as my “Rum Yummies” They are round and full at the bottom and flared at the top.

Wine Glasses – I have TONS of these in different colors, shapes, sizes. If you break one in a set…serve each guest wine in their own special glass…they won’t get them mixed up with someone else’s.

Champagne Flutes – Any style. Perfect for serving Champagne, Sparkling Wine.

Bucket Glasses – these are what I call serve any “highball”…mix and match.

Misto – Martini Lovers…you GOTTA have is a small “atomizer” that you fill with Vermouth. After freezing your martini glass – “mist” the glass with vermouth…GREAT tool for the mixologist.

Corkscrews – I have several in different drawers

Bottle Openers – Um…I live in Seattle…many Microbrews are not “twist off”…Be prepared!!

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